Products & Services

  • SkillsExpert Training program: Provide effective instrumentation, automation and process control skills training.
  • SimExpert Training Pilot Plants: Provides real industrial process simulation with industrial instrumentation for skills training.
  • PalmExpert Control System: Provides real-time automatic control of palm oil milling and refining processes.
  • TankExpert Tank Farm Management System: Provides real-time monitoring and management of storage tanks with reporting.
  • SmartBatch Recipe and Batch Control System: Provides real-time flexible batch control and allows on-line recipe creation, modification and management without programming.
  • eLab System: Provide Software and System for Laboratory Automation.
  • LOGO! Micro PLC & S7-200 PLC.
  • SMAR Process Instrumentations & Multi-loop Controllers.
  • SYSTEM 302 Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus Instruments and Systems.
  • Genesis SCADA Software.
  • BizViz Business Visualization Software.
  • Panel Instruments( Indicators,Controllers,Recorders)

Upcoming Product

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